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Cloud Change Management: Definition & Key Challenges

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Cloud Change Management: Definition & Key Challenges

Cloud Change Management: Definition & Key Challenges
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Every change must be approached very carefully, especially ones that have the potential to affect your business.

Changing infrastructure and adopting cloud computing models can cause changes and disruptions within organizations. In order to achieve a smooth transition between the previous and the new state, it is necessary to apply a proven methodology.

That way potential damage and risks are minimized.

What is cloud change management?

Cloud change management is a continuous process used by organizations to plan and manage the changes when moving to the cloud. Through best practices and effective application, it's easy to avoid common mistakes and challenges.

Here are six things to keep in mind when migrating to the cloud:

  • Data migration
  • Transition goals
  • The complexity of the process
  • Updating compliance changes
  • Multi-functional teams
  • Cloud resource management

Key challenges

Data migration

When migrating to the cloud, a complete transition to a digital format is to be expected. But sometimes things are not so simple.

For some departments of the organization cloud storage will be used to its full potential, while for others it may be an alternative for something else. Use cases can be quite specific, which is why they must be planned differently.

Transition goals

The success of cloud migration depends on planning and good change management. Otherwise, the process will be very difficult, maybe even impossible. Thefore every organization should set goals very clearly, so it's easier to implement and continuously monitor them.

With a clear vision of the end goal, the organization is well positioned and ready to move forward.

The complexity of the process

Cloud change management can be a very complex process, and it should not be understated.

In order for employees to be able to understand the process and changes that are about to be implemented, change practitioners must use a variety of visual aids to streamline the process. Clarity is very important as it saves money and time.

Updating compliance changes

As your organization moves to the cloud, you may need to set new internal policies and consider the way compliance changes are managed. For example, if the company is subject to GDPR compliance, part of the cloud change management should be in charge of assessing the impact of those regulations on the transition.

Compliance should be analyzed in detail and precisely updated in order to avoid possible problems.

Multi-functional teams

Cross-functional expertise is the basis of any change initiative. Change leaders must clearly define roles and responsibilities. The ultimate goal is to speed up the process, and this can be done, for example, by setting pre-approval for certain tasks.

There are also various aids that clarify the role and responsibility of individuals, such as the RACI matrix.

Cloud resource management

Effective use of resources, i.e. higher storage capacity is one of the main reasons for switching to the cloud. All of this goes down the drain if employees don’t understand that the cloud is not used to store their own data.

That is why it is necessary to be transparent during the transition itself and have a quality change management team. They can break down the whole process and explain all the rules in advance.


More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of operating in the cloud, but the transition can be a very demanding task, so it should not be underestimated.

A successful and smooth cloud transition requires coordination, cooperation, clarity, and above all - clear planning and quality change management. This approach minimizes errors and saves time and money.

With good cloud change management, you will be able to perform the transition well and quickly adapt to the new change.

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