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When you use our website, we or the third party use cookies to enable the functionality of the site and collect various useful information that we use to improve the functionality of the site and our services. By reviewing this policy, you can find out basic information about cookies, what functions they perform, and what are your options for using them.

Definition of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that put web pages you visit to your computer/device. They are used to ensure the proper and/or more efficient operation of the website, as well as to provide different information for the website owner. The use of cookies is now very widespread and common in almost all websites. More information about cookies can be found here.

Cookies usually do not contain any information that personally identify the user of the site, but the information stored in cookies and/or obtained by using cookies may be related to personal information usually stored by websites.

If you do not feel comfortable with the use of cookies, you can manage them through options in your Internet browser, including the removal of cookies by deleting them from your search history (cache) after you leave the website. More information about cookies management can be found here.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be roughly divided according to their functionalities.

  • "Technical (essential) cookies" are necessary for the functioning of the site and allow the visitor to navigate through the website and use its features (for example, access to secure areas of the website).
  • "Performance (statistical) cookies" collect site statistics to site owners, mainly to measure and improve page performance. They collect information about your use of websites (for example, information about the sites you visit and errors on those pages, speed of site loading, etc.) and do not collect information that can identify you more closely.
  • "Functional cookies" allow websites to remember your selections about using the site (e.g., changes in font size, page personalization, etc.) or for the operation of various additional services like leaving comments on posts and forums.
  • "Marketing cookies" are used to select ads that will be displayed in accordance with your needs and interests. These cookies track your visits to specific sites and share these information with other organizations (site owners and advertisers).

Cookies Duration

Each cookie has a built-in mechanism that determines how long a cookie will be kept in your browser. "Temporary cookies" remain in your browser only during your visit (session) to a website and are destroyed after you leave the site.

"Permanent cookies" remain in your browser even after you leave the website, whereby their duration (hours, days, years) depends on the lifespan of each cookie. Permanent cookies can be used, for example, to store the data entered when logging in to a service (so that a visitor would not have to log in again). They are also used to track visitor's behaviour on the website in order to better understand what visitors like based on data collected and this allows site owners to improve site functionality. Regardless of the embedded time-out, you can delete any cookie at any time.

Using Cookies at

The following table describes the ways and purposes for which we use the cookies on this website as well as the list of cookies we use. The website site is regularly scanned to keep the list as accurate as possible. Please note that by using this website you agree to install the cookies described in your computer/device for the purpose of accomplishing the above mentioned purposes.

Name Provider Purpose Type Duration
crftoken Prevents CSRF ("Cross-Site Request Forgery") attacks. HTTP 1 year
_ga Registers a unique identifier used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses a website. HTTP 2 years
_gat Used by Google Analytics to reduce the number of requests. HTTP 1 day
_gid Registers a unique identifier used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses a website. HTTP 1 day
r/collect Used to send Google Analytics data about the visitor's device and behaviour. Tracks visitors through devices and marketing channels. Pixel Session

Cookies Management

Most browsers allow you to refuse or accept the use of cookies as well as to delete them. The ways to do this vary with individual browsers and versions of these browsers, but the current information about blocking or deleting cookies can be found on the following links.

Please note that blocking all cookies will affect the adaptability of most websites. So, if you block all cookies, you may not be able to use all the functionalities on this website.

Contact Data

We are entitled to update this cookie policy occasionally in order to reflect, for example, the changes to cookies we use for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. We encourage you to regularly visit this policy to be informed about our use of cookies and related technologies. For more information, please contact us at:

  • Sedmi odjel d.o.o., Štefanovečka cesta 10, HR-10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia
  • +385 1 8888 660

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