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Cloud Resource Management: Overview and Best Practices

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Cloud Resource Management: Overview and Best Practices

Cloud Resource Management: Overview and Best Practices
date_range - 2 years ago

Cloud computing is a well-established industry standard that is rapidly gaining traction. More and more companies have been switching to the cloud, which represents a huge industry that keeps on expanding.

Additionally, it is essential that companies address resource management in their cloud computing strategy, given the large diversity of cloud-based systems and infrastructure now in use. Resource management is a critical component of any cloud system - inefficient resource management has a direct impact on performance and cost, as well as an indirect impact on system functioning since it becomes too expensive or ineffective as a result of poor performance.

Cloud resource management overview

Cloud resource management can be defined as the process of distributing compute, storage, networking, and energy resources to applications in order to satisfy the infrastructure providers' and cloud customers' performance goals and requirements.

According to some scholars, cloud resource management has three functions: resource provisioning, resource scheduling, and resource monitoring. In the resource provisioning phase, it is necessary to identify and select the necessary resources for a certain workload. During resource scheduling, the previously selected resources are used as a base for mapping, allocation, and execution of workloads. Finally, resource monitoring is optional but helps improve performance.

Due to its significance, there are many studies and surveys behind cloud resource management, as well as categorizations. The latter are used to classify resource management solutions. Certain experts choose categories such as time, cost, scalability, scheduling success rate, makespan, speed, resource utilization, reliability, and availability. There are taxonomies with more than nine categories, and while there are similarities among them, there isn’t a universally accepted classification.

Cloud resource management best practices

The following are some things to consider before adding policies to help you manage workloads in the cloud:

  • Consider your organization - changes in infrastructure management may affect different development teams in your organization, so create practices that fit your company. There can be process integration concerns if you don't put in place an internal mechanism to back up these modifications.
  • Include all relevant teams - all development teams that operate with cloud environments will be affected by new cloud management policies. It's therefore critical to meet with each of them on a regular basis so that they can give you feedback on the policies that will be implemented to make sure that they don't affect your productivity negatively.
  • Review and update your policies regularly - because cloud settings are fast-paced environments where things change rapidly and frequently, your policies should follow suit.
  • Keep an eye on the outcomes - if you wish your policy implementation to be effective, you need to constantly monitor any subsequent implementation outcome. This gives you the ability to develop them over time based on actual data.


For effective cloud resource management, you need to implement complicated policies and take difficult decisions. Thankfully, there are many available solutions that can help you with cloud resource management. It's worthwhile to take some time to weigh the available possibilities in order to find the one that best meets your requirements.

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