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AI Effects on DevOps: Transforming the Business

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AI Effects on DevOps: Transforming the Business

AI Effects on DevOps: Transforming the Business
date_range - 2 years ago

Artificial intelligence is a machine’s ability to perform tasks characteristic of human intelligence. This includes the ability to understand language, recognize objects, solve problems, and learn. AI and DevOps (aka AIOps) are an especially interesting combination.

AI provides businesses with many benefits, like better automation, real-time analysis and more efficient processes. In DevOps specifically, AI helps teams with time-consuming and complex infrastructure administration tasks. AI also helps improve automation and collaboration among teams and identify and resolve issues.

AI and DevOps: the benefits

The key benefits of the use of AI in DevOps are the following.

Reduce MTTR

MTTR, or Mean Time to Resolution, is a metric used to describe the average time necessary to resolve a failure, including detection, reparation, and ensuring the problem won’t happen again. It is in the interest of every IT organization to reduce its MTTR as much as possible. With AI, IT teams reduce MTTR and prevent potential future issues while also reducing the costs related to problem management.

Improve Information and Collaboration

AI correlates information from multiple sources. This way, it eliminates data silos and creates a comprehensive view of the IT environment, both on-premises and in the cloud. Additionally, AI enables easy collaboration among employees, accelerating diagnosis and resolution and reducing disruption to end-users.

Analyze Performance

Performance analysis is a crucial IT function that is becoming increasingly complex as the amount of data to analyze increases. Standard methods of analysis, even those that incorporate machine learning, are no longer enough. AI helps solve these problems by applying sophisticated techniques that quickly gather and analyze extensive quantities of data to find the cause of a specific issue.

Transform the Management

Thanks to AI, management goes from reactive to predictive. AI is constantly learning, which means it gets better and better at identifying alerts and differentiating among less urgent and more urgent problems. Consequently, AI provides predictive alerts that enable the IT team to prevent issues from causing slow-downs or outages.

AI and the Staff

Thanks to AI, companies release new code up to ten times faster than before, which is good news for both companies and developers. In the future, most DevOps teams will rely on AI; a question naturally arises: do businesses need human staff anymore?

DevOps teams spend less time on simple management tasks; they focus on more valuable tasks, such as meta-analyses and strategic planning. AI does not make DevOps obsolete - it makes teams bigger and busier by making development cycles faster.

AI switches DevOps teams’ focus from technical to business objectives. This represents a positive change since human resources are now spent on their most valuable activities, like creative and strategic tasks. Therefore, even though the developers’ role has changed, it still represents an essential part of AIOps.


As every new technology makes everything faster and more efficient, AI also helps DevOps teams experience these benefits. AI positively affects DevOps by helping DevOps teams focus on the most valuable activities instead of lengthy and time-consuming infrastructure administration tasks. AI also helps deal with potential performance issues by constantly monitoring every aspect of IT solutions and making a predictive diagnosis.

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