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Continuous Monitoring in DevOps: Definition and Importance

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Continuous Monitoring in DevOps: Definition and Importance

Continuous Monitoring in DevOps: Definition and Importance
date_range - 2 years ago

You've probably heard of continuous integration, but you might be wondering - what is continuous monitoring?

Continuous Monitoring in DevOps is an automated process that uses specialized software tools to give DevOps teams better visibility into application performance, security threats, and compliance concerns throughout the DevOps pipeline. In this article, we will illustrate the types of continuous monitoring and explain why continuous monitoring in DevOps is so important.

Types of Continuous Monitoring in DevOps

There are three main types of Continuous monitoring:

Infrastructure Monitoring

When talking about infrastructure monitoring in DevOps, we talk about managing IT infrastructure. This includes servers, hardware, software, networks, data centers, and in general, everything that is IT-related. Infrastructure Monitoring's main aim is to collect and analyze data from the IT infrastructure in order to improve the end results.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring provides system performance metrics, such as application uptime, application performance, application security monitoring, and log monitoring in real-time. This includes system response, API response, transaction volume and time, and in general, the health of applications.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring will monitor everything that is network-related: servers, routers, firewalls, etc. Network monitoring systems (NMS) discover errors, measure performance, and optimize availability. Network monitoring should always be proactive, in order to prevent and minimize failures and downtime.

Continuous monitoring can also oversee configuration monitoring, middleware monitoring, database monitoring, third-party monitoring, etc.

Why do we need Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring in DevOps ensures complete transparency of the technological setup's status. It deciphers the system, collects and analyzes critical data on the fly, and guarantees that key trends/events are not overlooked due to the system's ambiguous indicators. It enables a timely response to issues and incidents, which reduces the risk of security threats. This also guarantees a reduction in system downtime: thanks to continuous monitoring, issues are identified and resolved before they can cause damage. Finally, continuous monitoring relieves the burden of dealing with issues that negatively impact the user experience, saves the business from losses as a result of these difficulties, and preserves brand credibility.


Continuous Monitoring aims to give enterprises near-instant feedback and insight into performance and interactions across servers, networks, and cloud environments. This is critical for improving operational, security, and business performance. It should be considered an essential component of any DevOps pipeline since it is critical to improving efficiency, scalability, and higher-quality results.

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