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Migrating into a Cloud PPT

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Migrating into a Cloud PPT

Migrating into a Cloud PPT
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In this article, we are sharing our 'migrating into a cloud ppt' presentation and we talk about the process of migrating into a cloud environment.

Let's start with the definition. Cloud migration is the process of moving all or some company's data center capabilities, data and applications into the cloud. Some of the biggest globally available hyper-cloud providers are AWS, Google, Azure, Alibaba, IBM, Oracle. There are also many small cloud providers operating in local markets. Depending on the various factors, migrating into a cloud can take several days to a couple of months.

Various enterprise applications require stable infrastructure to run on; our task is to help you move your application into the cloud.

Migrating into a Cloud Is a Unique Process

Although many companies share similar problems, no company is the same. Every company has different IT stack, priorities, security and compliance needs, etc. A general rule is that bigger companies need more time and other resources to implement new technologies such as cloud computing. Because of all these variables, migrating into a cloud is a unique project for every company.

Cloud Migration Assessment Is Essential

The first phase of migrating into a cloud is the assessment and analysis. This part is essential for a good start and project definition. Cloud migration assessment is a workshop with the client's IT staff. It usually takes from one to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the client's IT ecosystem.

Trought the cloud migration assessment workshop, we define:

  • the state of the client's hardware infrastructure;
  • the number of applications depending on the hardware resources and their dependencies;
  • type of new environment (private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud);
  • migration risks, client's pain points, continuity needs and challenges (scalability, security, compliance needs, monitoring);
  • client's current maintenance and upgrade procedures;
  • client's IT team, their current roles, and expertise;
  • future requirements, possible needs, and areas for improvement.

The outcome of cloud migration assessment is two technical documents. The first document describes the currents state of the client's IT. The second document describes the new solution and cloud migration project, processes, phases, and deliveries.

The Cloud Migration Project

The cloud migration project is defined at the end of the assessment phase. It ensures that migrating into a cloud goes by the plan and that the expectations and deliveries are in line.

The cloud migration project can take from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. With clear milestones, we anticipate and solve problems efficiently, ensuring that each deliverable is delivered on time.

Migration into a cloud is finished once all deliverables from all project phases are delivered. In the end, the customer also needs to sign the acceptance document, confirming that the solution is successfully implemented.

Successful Cloud Operations

Once the cloud migration project is finished, we need to operate the new environment. It is critical to ensure efficient operations and meet the client's TCO and TPO needs. Various monitoring tools help us efficiently monitor the whole infrastructure and anticipate and solve problems faster, ensuring successful daily operations.

As a part of daily operation, we ensure:

  • OS management: OS patching and reactions to possible security issues;
  • proper access control: with the help of the cloud's access controls, we ensure that all users have the right privileges;
  • monitoring: monitoring helps us have an end-to-end view of the whole system;
  • alerting: alerts are raised when predefined cloud parameters go above or below expected values;
  • backup and disaster recovery: because incidents happen, it is crucial to have proper backup and disaster recovery strategy in place;
  • cloud optimization: we continuously iterate and optimize various parameters to achieve better performance, lower costs, and increase security.


Migrating into a cloud is a unique process with various complexities. Our goal is to assess all possible problems and create an efficient solution that solves customers' problems.

The whole migrating into cloud project is structured in a way that ensures successful project delivery. After a successful migration project, we provide an efficient and error-free cloud operation service. Our goal is to help you focus on your business goals instead of infrastructure management.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies of every industry and size solve their infrastructure problems with cloud migration.

If you want to know more about cloud migration, cloud technology in general, AWS cloud, or you want to try AWS services:


Our main focus is to expand our partnership with AWS. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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