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Document Collaboration using Amazon WorkDocs

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Document Collaboration using Amazon WorkDocs

Document Collaboration using Amazon WorkDocs
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Amazon WorkDocs is a service for secure content creation, storage, and collaboration. It helps companies easily create, edit, and share content. Service is hosted on AWS infrastructure, making it globally available from any device.

Amazon WorkDocs simplifies collaboration with your colleagues and makes content sharing, providing feedback, and collaboratively document editing simple. With Amazon WorkDocs, you can move your documents to the cloud and eliminate legacy file shares.

Amazon WorkDocs is simple to integrate into your companies existing systems by using Amazon WorkDocs API.

What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Workdocs?

Cost Reduction

Amazon WorkDocs helps you easily move your content to the cloud and eliminate old and expensive network file shares. The service is very cost-efficient; with pay-as-you-go pricing, your company only pays for active user accounts on your site.

Amazon WorkDocs Drive lets you launch your content directly from Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or Amazon WorkSpaces, without using valuable local disk space.

Efficient Collaboration and Activity Monitoring

Amazon WorkDocs simplifies document collaboration within your teams and with external users. It's easy to track site-wide collaboration; all files, folders, or user activities are easily monitored in real-time by using Activity Feed. You can eliminate long and inefficient email threads with commenting, highlighting, and requesting feedback capabilities within Amazon WokDocs.

Superior Security and Compliance

Amazon WorkDocs stores your content on the world's largest global cloud infrastructure. AWS's infrastructure is built to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Your company's content inside WorkDocs is encrypted in transit and at rest. All user and admin activities are tracked and can be reviewed if needed.

Amazon WorkDocs is HIPAA eligible, GDPR and PCI DSS compliant, evaluated with SOC reports 1-3, and aligned with ISO compliance requirements os you can easily maintain compliance.

Content Repository for Apps

With Amazon WorkDocs SDK, you can add content-rich features to your web and mobile apps and use Amazon WorkDocs as a content repository.

Efficient Document Approval Workflow

The Amazon WorkDocs simplifies document approval with an efficient workflow. All documents stored in WorkDocs can be routed for approvals. Workflow automatically assigns review tasks to approvers and sends reminders and notifications. You can also track the status of your approval requests as well as those awaiting your approval.

Extend Your Desktop to the Cloud

Amazon WorkDocs Drive is a native desktop application; it's designed to be used as a Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder with the scale of Amazon WorkDocs. You don't need to use valuable disk space on your PC; your files are stored in the cloud and available on-demand from your device.

What Are the Good Use Cases for Amazon Workdocs?

Migration from Legacy Network File Shares to the Cloud

Compared to expensive and complex legacy network file shares and on-premise enterprise content management, Amazon WorkDocs is a modern, secure, efficient, and cost-effective document cloud solution.

With Amazon WorkDocs, your company's content can be migrated from legacy network file shares to the cloud. Your employees can continue to use all their individual and team's content trough WorkDocs Drive or web user interface or mobile application.

Content Sharing and Collaboration

Amazon WorkDocs can be used to store your employee and team files in the cloud; files can be easily accessed across devices and shared both inside and outside of your organization by using AD for AuthN and AuthZ with configurable permissions.

Request feedback and commenting functionalities simplify document collaboration on large documents.

Approval Workflows

Amazon WorkDocs offers a document approval workflow for companies that need to automate business processes and make them consistent and efficient.

Amazon WorkDocs enables users to create an approval workflow and route files stored in WorkDocs to one or more users for their approval. Approval workflow can be customized to your company's specific processes, creating automated, consistent, and efficient approval processes.

Application Extensions using SDKs and APIs

Companies often have a need to seamlessly integrate their existing systems, business applications, and content repositories. This automation and extensibility can be achieved through a broad set of SDKs and APIs for custom development and access to cloud storage.


Amazon WorkDocs is a comprehensive content collaboration and sharing service. Companies can easily monitor all of their content activities, making this an excellent solution for remote teams that need to collaborate on large and complex documents closely. Trough robust and customizable approval workflows, the process of document approval can be automated, making it more consistent and efficient.

Sedmi odjel is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Solution Provider; we are specialized for the implementation of AWS services and solutions.

AWS offers a whole suite of remote working and learning services that can help your organization become more efficient in the times when remote work is your only option of collaboration. If you have any question about Amazon WorkDocs or any other productivity tool, give us a call at +385 1 3141 562 or contact our sales department at


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