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Three Most Important Challenges of Cloud Migration Projects

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Three Most Important Challenges of Cloud Migration Projects

Three Most Important Challenges of Cloud Migration Projects
date_range - 2 years ago

Today, we will talk about the three most important challenges customers face when considering cloud technology. All of these challenges are usually caused by a lack of knowledge about cloud technology.

Let's dive into more details and talk about these challenges and how we overcome them.

The Lack of Understanding of Cloud Migration Strategies

Having a proper cloud migration strategy is one of the most important steps in a cloud migration process.

Migrating critical workloads requires careful planning and orchestration. Often, companies do not have enough knowledge and experience to determine the best cloud migration strategy for a particular workload.

We already talked about 6R's in cloud migration strategy. Each strategy is suitable for a specific use case. The lift and shift method might seem the best in the short term because it is the least disruptive model. But in the long run, the re-architect strategy might be the one with the most benefits.

We solve this challenge by carefully examining your environment and applying 6R's. After the analysis, we recommend the best cloud migration approach for a particular workload or app. By carefully choosing a cloud migration strategy, we have a good foundation to ensure a successful cloud migration project.

The Concern about Security and Compliance

By some research, 56% of companies are concerned about security and compliance in the cloud. Companies are hesitant to hand over their data to a third-party cloud service, even though the cloud is completely secure.

The most significant risks lie within poorly designed applications with sensitive data, weak security controls in companies themselves and the poorly executed migration process.

Cloud platforms like AWS are fully secure. AWS invest a lot of money and other resources to satisfy even the most rigorous security and compliance standard. The security is shared based on the shared security model. The client is responsible for the security in the cloud, while the provider is responsible for the security of the cloud. During the migration process, we use end-to-end encryption to ensure safe data transfer.

From our experience, companies actually increase the level of their security in the cloud. Platforms such as AWS offer fine-grained security controls that help us improve security controls and separate responsibilities.

Uncertain Cost of the Cloud Migration Project

In the long run, the cloud helps increase productivity, reduce administrative costs and simplify scalability. However, this is not something that happens overnight and without dedication and understanding of the different pricing models in the cloud.

The total cost of the cloud migration needs to take into account the cost of the platform and the actual cloud migration process. It is also crucial to analyze the possible long-term monetary risks that can result from slow adoption.

The best way to completely control cloud migration costs is to have a dedicated team with a proper strategy and evaluation in place. The team should be able to understand different cloud pricing models and utilize them to ensure maximum benefits for a fair price. With careful planning and a good strategy, overspending risks are almost entirely eliminated.


In this article, we talked about the three most important challenges we face with customers trying to move to the cloud.

Determining the best long-term cloud migration strategy is one of the most important things. Customers often view cloud migration as a 'lift and shift' process, but cloud platforms like AWS offer much more. There is usually a lot of opportunity with re-architecture strategy - it is the most complex one, but it also provides the greatest benefits.

Security is a classic example of misconception; over the years, we have seen many poorly designed systems from a security standpoint. Usual causes are the lack of knowledgeable staff, insufficient dedication to security, and the lack of system-wide security controls. The truth is, by moving to the cloud, companies improve their security. Providers such as AWS comply with rigorous security standards and offer fined-grained security controls. This helps us satisfy the security requirements for even the most security-sensitive organization, such as banks.

Every company is cost-sensitive; one of the most important cloud migration benefits is the pay-as-you-go pricing model. Even though this model helps companies pay only for the resources they use, the lack of understanding of the different options can lead to overspending. There is also a bit of risk in poorly managed cloud migration projects. We solve these problems by having a team of dedicated engineers who help clients eliminate any financial risks and get the most for their investment.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies of every industry and size solve their infrastructure problems with cloud migration.

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