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Become More Agile by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

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Become More Agile by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Become More Agile by Migrating to the AWS Cloud
date_range - 3 years ago

Cloud as technology helps companies become more agile and increase their time to market rapidly. There are a couple of reasons for this: simple scalability, automation, a broad range of IT services and options previously unavailable to the company, and a simple way to test new ideas.

In this article, we will cover these four basic concepts and explain how you can benefit from migrating to the AWS cloud.


Automation one of the most important benefits of cloud platforms. Automation saves time on repetitive manual tasks, eliminates human errors, ensures consistent environments across your entire IT infrastructure, and helps efficiently maintain IT infrastructure at scale.

Scaling, code deployment, and system administration can be either fully automated or automated to the degree that introduces considerable benefits for your business.

One of the first automation practices is DevOps; it combines organizational structure, tools, and techniques that help companies automate their code deployment. With the adoption of DevOps, companies create an automated release management pipeline from code commit to the server provisioning. The time saved on manual provisioning and the number of eliminated errors is considerable and presents significant benefits for every company, both in terms of costs and reliability.

Auto Scaling is one more automation practices. The technology is created to ensure you have the right number of Amazon EC2 instances available to handle varying application loads at any time. We define min/max thresholds for your infrastructure, and AWS takes care of the rest. The number of EC2 instances handling your workload changes automatically based on your application load, and it never goes above or below your threshold.

Certain system administration tasks can be automated by using so-called 'self-healing infrastructure.' Self-healing infrastructure is an automation technique created to relieve system administrators from simple, manual, and repetitive tasks such as process restarts, resource cleanup, memory outage, and CPU utilization. The technique combines the use of three main components: Dynatrace, AWS Lambda, AWS Service Catalog. Dynatrace monitors your infrastructure when a problem is detected; it triggers a notification. Based on the type of notification, AWS Lamda triggers the code that solves the issue by adding available services from AWS Service Catalog.

Simple Scalability

AWS offers a lot of scalability options, incomparable to any on-premises solution. Scaling strategy defines how your infrastructure will be scaled (with adding more instances or changing the existing one); scaling type defines who triggers the scaling process.

Vertical scaling (up/down) is the scaling strategy in which we add more resources to an existing instance or replace it with a more powerful instance. Horizontal scaling (in/out) is the scaling strategy in which we provision additional instances to meet our needs; the traffic is split between instances; this limits the number of requests any individual instance is getting.

Manual scaling is performed by an engineer; it happens when there is a steady and predictable increase in computing needs. Scheduled scaling is the type of auto-scaling defined by schedule. Auto-scaling is fully automated; it is designed to meet the needs of workloads with an irregular and unpredictable increase in computing needs.

Available IT Services

AWS offers the most comprehensive list of services; it features over 170 fully-featured services. You have the freedom to choose the type of service that best fits your need, whether you're looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality. All services are highly scalable and reliable; they are tested on the workloads from small startups to Fortune 500 companies; you can be sure that you have the most reliable service that you need.

Test Your Ideas

The ability to test new ideas and concepts without any investment in the hardware is something very attractive. With AWS, you use different high-end IT services for specialized tasks such as machine learning, AI, VR, etc., without any hardware investment. Virtually unlimited scaling capacity helps you simply and efficiently adapt to any situation or need.


Cloud technology is built to solve infrastructure problems for almost every company. Today, you don't need to undergo the time-consuming hardware procurement. You select the service that you need, and that's it. Superior scaling options and the range of available IT services help you test your new ideas quickly and efficiently. Powerful AWS's automation features eliminate common errors and speed up the deployment process and the process of infrastructure maintenance. All of these features combined give you a lot of flexibility and agility, save a lot of money, and they speed up the process of bringing your products to the market.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies of every industry and size solve their infrastructure problems with migration to the AWS cloud.

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