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What Are the Most Important Benefits of Cloud Migration?

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What Are the Most Important Benefits of Cloud Migration?

What Are the Most Important Benefits of Cloud Migration?
date_range - 3 years ago

In today's digital world, cloud technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Every day, we use some kind of application or service on our laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or smart TV. All of these services run, process, and store data somewhere in the cloud.

The cloud is the most efficient way to run your IT services, so let's talk about some of the most important cloud migration benefits.

Simple scalability

The decision to invest in the new hardware resources can be very challenging; companies often need extra resources seasonally. This seasonality causes hardware resources to be unused most of the time.

With cloud technology, the existing infrastructure can be easily extended to the cloud environment when computing needs change. This makes cloud computing very scalable; when you need extra resources, you scale up; when you don't need them, you scale down.


Cloud services are charged by the 'pay as you go' model. This model eliminates large hardware investments; companies pay for the services by consumption. When your needs change, and you need more resources, you pay more; when your needs decrease, you pay less because you consume fewer resources.


Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS offer a wide range of services for common use cases such as analytics, compute, databases, AR & VR, IoT, machine learning, etc. The development of these services would require a large investment in hardware and people. Cloud provides easy access to these high-end services, without any investment. This makes the cloud platform very flexible. You can develop high-end services based on the technology that would typically be out of hand for most users.

Speed and Agility

With cloud migration, companies achieve a higher level of resource automation, which reduces the total amount of errors and speeds up the time to market (TTM). Even the process of cloud migration is automated to some degree; the goal is to eliminate error-prone manual tasks and achieve greater visibility into resources and processes.


Cloud platforms have built-in security mechanisms and are compliant with all relevant industry security standards. For example, the AWS cloud has specialized services for identity & access management, incident detection and response, infrastructure and data protection, and compliance. These services are designed to help users achieve greater security and visibility. The customer and the cloud provider share security responsibility by the 'shared security model'; the cloud provider takes care of cloud security while the customer takes care of security in the cloud.

Human resources

By migrating to the cloud, the companies solve the need to hire expensive specialist staff. Companies that are not IT oriented often struggle to keep quality staff due to the lack of motivating projects.

The cloud service provider has many certified experts with extensive knowledge and experience in various areas. The client benefits in terms of knowledge and competencies at its disposal.

Geo-redundancy and availability

Cloud platforms such as AWS are designed to be highly available. It is available in different regions (US, Asia, EU, Canada, South America); within these regions, we have availability zones. The services can be designed so that if one availability zone fails, the traffic is automatically switched to the other working availability zone; this way, any severe downtime is eliminated.

Facility management

In the past, the only possible solution to host large or security-sensitive services was to buy hardware and place it in the data center. This introduces various facility management concerns and problems, like surveillance, technicians, cleaning, power supply, networking, etc. With the cloud, all of these facility management problems are eliminated.


Cloud technology offers many benefits compared to having on-premises infrastructure. There are no large infrastructure investments, and needed resources are available right away.

The number of online services that need to be available 24x7x365 is rising every day. The current COVID-19 pandemic is transforming how we communicate and collaborate. Companies are continually investing in the digitalization of all business aspects. The amount of data generated by our online activities is rising exponentially. Cloud technology helps companies overcome all of those challenges very efficiently.

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